Prim and Sassy Soy Candles ~ Melts ~ Home Decor

        AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD ~ Comforting aroma of warm, homemade fresh bread.

        BLACKBERRY LEMONADE ~ Tart lemonade sweetened with vanilla and juicy berries.

        CINNAMON BUN ~ A warm sticky cinnamon bun drizzled in sweet frosting.

        CROW IN DA’ CORNBREAD ~ An appealing mixer of pumpkin, spices and cornbread.

        COOL LEMON CAKE ~ Perfect balance between citrus, spices and vanilla.

        FRUIT SALAD ~ Exotic blend of mango, pineapple, peach and mandarin.

        LOVE U A LATTE ~ A robust good-morning coffee infused with scent of sweet vanilla milk.

        PRIM CUPBOARD ~ “Homey” scent that will remind you of Grandma’s spice cupboard.   

        PUCKER UP ~ A scent to awaken the senses. Citrus, pomegranate, cranberry, oh-my!

        SUNSET ROMANCE ~ Light musk with notes of amber, black cherry, vanilla & sandalwood.

        VANILLA VELVET ~ Light, buttery, melt in your mouth scent. Think cake and frosting.

        MULLED CIDER ~ Fresh orange peel, apple n' cinnamon accents vanilla and spices.